Food Assistance

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Family Sharing of Ozaukee County
Address: 1002 Overland Ct.
Grafton, WI
Services Provided: ,
Mission Statement:

To alleviate hunger in Ozaukee County with dignity and compassion

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Phone Number: 262-377-0634
Service Area: Ozaukee County, WI
Salvation Army of Ozaukee County
Address: 53024
Mission Statement:

The Salvation Army can provide short term rental and utilities assistance. Call 262-552-6802 and listen to the voicemail. We will need all the information identified in the voicemail before we can meet. We process information from voicemails Monday at noon. Once we have all the necessary information, we can schedule an appointment to write the voucher. Checks are mail directly to your landlord or utility company. Please note that it takes 10 – 14 days to process the vouchers. Salvation Army works with other agencies in Ozaukee County.

Phone Number: 262-552-6802
Service Area: Ozaukee County, WI
Saukville Community Food Pantry
Address: 166 W. Dekora St.
Saukville, WI
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to minimize hunger in the Ozaukee County area by providing residents in need with programs that provide food, promote the value of nutrition, increase self-sufficiency, and instill hope. In doing so, the Saukville Community Food Pantry helps to ensure that food relief has a more meaningful and enduring impact.

Phone Number: 262 284 0588
Service Area: Ozaukee County, WI
St. Vincent De Paul
Address: 2673 Hwy C
Port Washington, WI
Mission Statement:

St. Vincent de Paul of Ozaukee County is a group of lay Catholic volunteers from all walks of life – neighbors helping neighbors right here in Ozaukee County.  Assistance may include emergency rent, utilities, food, clothing, household goods and/or referral services.

On a person-to-person basis, through a Home Visit, members offer help, hope, and encouragement to people in need – an ear to listen, a hand in a time of crisis and a hope to guide people toward programs that can bring lasting change to into their lives.

Our thrift store located in Port Washington helps provide this assistance through the profits and proceeds from the items we sell.

Phone Number: (262) 284-4637
The Food Pantry, Inc
Address: 1800 N Wisconsin Street
Port Washington, WI
Mission Statement:

The Food Pantry, Inc. is dedicated to meeting the rising need for food and clothing in Ozaukee County.

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Phone Number: 262-284-1148
Service Area: Ozaukee County, WI